Dinch. My daily, hourly, minutely and secondly obsession (yes, I think I made those last two words up!). What started as a joke with a friend, Dinch is now one of my favorite all-encompassing words that is appropriately used to label dinner, lunch, brunch….and breakfast? Not so much breakfast, as that is usually eaten purely for sustenance after my Dinch Punishing 5.25 mile run at 6:30 am. Eggs and turkey bacon, 365 days a year! I love food, whether I cook at home or eat out at a restaurant. Being a horrible artist, tone-deaf and not so eloquent with words, cooking and discovering new dishes is my outlet. I love to cook and feed others, or to explore a city through restaurants from dives to fine dining, especially my home of Charleston, SC with an endless amount of fun and new choices. Soooooo welcome to my adventure with food! Always asking….

What’s for Dinch??

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